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With today’s hectic lifestyles, many clients are choosing to enjoy the soothing benefits of a spa in their own backyard.  Spas offer a time-honoured form of relaxation and stress reduction, whether for personal revitalization or for shared enjoyment.

Outdoor Living spa designs can be integrated in to the contour of your swimming pool or be the focus of a separate inviting area.  Our landscape designs will complete your spa, marrying it to your home and outdoor space.  Our designs incorporate inviting pathways, additional functional areas and ambient lighting to set the overall mood.

We use high quality spas that come in a range of sizes.  For small spaces and small families, we offer spas for four or less.  For larger families or those who like to entertain, we offer spas that seat anywhere from five to ten people comfortably.  Our spas are self cleaning, energy efficient, come in a variety of seats and loungers, and include jets that adjust from a gentle massage to an invigorating pulse.

With Outdoor Living you can create your own personal getaway...


Backyard spa

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