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Outdoor Living

Swimming Pools

Escape to your backyard!

Outdoor Living has been creating custom swimming pools and
ponds for over 30 years.  We offer many options to suit your needs and budget.  Whether you are looking for a new pool installation or wanting to remodel an existing pool, Outdoor
Living can bring your vision to life.

New Pool Installations
Installing a quality inground pool is an investment in your
home. Outdoor Living can custom design pools in almost any shape or size to compliment your backyard. We offer a full
range of specialized features such as integrated spas,
waterfalls, LED lighting and complementary landscaping.  All of our designs are unique,one-of-a-kind creations for our clients.

Most clients are surprised to learn that Outdoor Living can provide custom pools at the cost of standard pools comparable
in size.

Remodelling an Existing Pool
Looking to give your pool a fresh new look?  Just replacing
the coping and liner, or adding a built-in staircase can go a
long way in transforming a tired pool in to a modern one that looks like new.  But you may want to go further than that.  Outdoor Living has the knowledge and experience to offer a
full range of possibilities for remodelling an old pool, such as changing the size or shape of your pool, adding a spa or water feature, re-surfacing a deck, redoing the landscaping, adding LED lighting, or upgrading equipment.

Backyard pool by Outdoor Living

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