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A couple with a young child wanted a backyard swimming pool and
patio area while maintaining a grassy space for their child to play. 
They also wanted to redo their dated, worn front entrance.

The project was approached in two phases.  To give the family
maximum enjoyment of their space, the backyard was addressed in the initial phase.  Two years later they focused on the makeover of their
front entrance.

Located in a beautiful setting surrounded by many mature trees,
Outdoor Living created a design to enhance the natural feel of the
space. Inspired by the curved architectural accents of the home and
the flow of the surrounds, a custom curved pool was designed,
bordered by a flagstone deck and a limestone water feature.  The client initially thought a custom pool would be too costly and were surprised to learn that Outdoor Living could provide it at the same cost as a
standard pool of the same size.

The front entranceway was designed to continue the curved lines.  A circular driveway centered by a green space island of trees and shaded perennials leads to terraced flagstone steps flanked by stone retained gardens on either side.  An inlay of stone pavers separates the asphalt driveway and the flagstone steps.

Carefully selected low-maintenance perennials accent the entire
landscape, adding colour and texture.

Client Request:
Backyard swimming pool and front yard makeover

Rural Kanata



Oasis design, backyard pool.

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Oasis design driveway. Oasis design front yard. Oasis design pathway. Oasis design stone patio.

Oasis design back yard. Oasis design backyard pool. Oasis design backyard pool. Oasis design backyard pool.

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