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Natural Chic

A successful commercial interior designer and his partner were
looking to transform their backyard in to an inviting space reflective
of their creative sense of style.  The pool designs they had seen in manufacturer brochures did not inspire them; they wanted something that stood apart and that made a statement.  And that’s just what Outdoor Living delivered.

The challenge for this project was the severe slope in the backyard.  The design solution was to create a lower level pool area by shaving down the grade and building an artful retaining wall of large boulders and limestone.  The lower level provided greater privacy and secluded the space from surrounding neighbours.

A custom linear pool balanced with offsets was designed for both aesthetics and functionality.  The long centre length allowed the client to swim for exercise, yet the linear design provided the statement look the client was looking for. Also setting the pool apart, Outdoor Living moved away from the traditional two-level pool design and
incorporated a custom third, mid-level built to accommodate the
clients’ stature. The pool was bordered with narrow patterned
concrete cantilevered over the edge and offered two larger areas
for lounging and eating.

Natural grasses, colourful perennials, boulders and small pea stone gravel accent the area, and a simple iron fence encloses the space without distracting from the view.

Client Request:
Creative, Unique, Outside the box


Natural Chic backyard swimming pool.

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Natural Chic backyard pool at patio. Natural Chic backyard pool fence. Natural Chic backyard pool. Natural Chic backyard pool and lounge chairs.
Natural Chic backyard pool. Natural Chic backyard pool. Natural Chic backyard pool. Natural Chic backyard pool.

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