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The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation built a splashy $1.5-million
stone bungalow lottery home in its mission to raise awareness of cancer and raise funds to reduce waiting times for treatment.  Outdoor Living was selected to landscape the two-acre lot.

Work began with grading the entire property for proper drainage and excavating the back for installation of a relaxing pond reflective of the natural setting.  Local boulders were used to surround the pond and Northern Ontario limestone sheets similar in colour were used to create the pond waterfall.  A curvy flowerbed was designed to border the pond and man-made pavers resembling flagstone were cut in soft lines to connect the pond to the rear of the home.

The front of the home features a pathway of large stone pavers and natural limestone steps leading to the front entrance. Curved flowerbeds filled with grasses, perennials and dwarfed trees accent the home front and driveway.  Dark mulch covers the flowerbeds for a rich colour and low maintenance.

Coniferous trees were strategically placed to complement the deciduous trees in both the front and back of the home.  Finally, the remaining landscape was covered in Kentucky bluegrass offering a lush green extension of the forested backdrop.

Client Request:
Landscape the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation Lottery Home



Small waterfall and stone path.

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Stone path. Stone path and waterfall. Driveway. Stone path
Front yard. View of the backyard from the patio. Small waterfall and stone path. Front yard and entrance way.

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