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Situated in the beautiful setting of Rideau Forest, these original homeowners were ready to transform their backyard in to a space
for entertaining and enjoying the summer.  Expansive and surrounded by deciduous trees, what this backyard lacked
was a reason to venture in to it.

Inspired by projects they had seen on the Outdoor Living web site,
this couple fell in love with the linear, contemporary look and wanted
this for their project.  As the design process evolved, they landed
on the dry Arizona look characterized by sparse plantings, pea
stone gravel, boulders and a flat expanse.

Two principle areas, each on different levels, defined the space. The upper patio area was designed as an extension of their home for outdoor cooking and dining.  The lower level was designed to situate the custom linear pool against the backdrop of beautiful trees.  A wall
of natural stone featuring three sheer descent water features borders the backdrop.  LED lighting was placed behind each sheer descent
and underwater in the pool to create ambient night lighting. 

A lower wall extending to the right of the water feature serves as a transition to the patio level and encases perennial plantings to soften the stone structures. Small pea stone gravel, Chickstone boulders
from Kingston and iron fencing add the finishing touches.

Client Request:
Swimming pool and space for entertaining

Rideau Forest, Manotick


Small waterfalls flowing into a backyard pool.

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Backyard patio. Backyard patio. Backyard pool. Backyard pool.

Waterfall flowing into a backyard pool. Backyard pool and patio. Patio and backyard pool. Backyard patio.

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